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About us

Your success is our main goal.

We are a team of lawyers focused on results for our clients. Our mission is to provide legal services to the highest standards.

We have a long-term partnership relationship with clients, based on offering the best solutions for all their legal needs.

We use innovative, pragmatic strategies and do all the work necessary to ensure our clients’ legal needs are met.

We are concerned with litigation and legal advice because that is what the legal profession entails. But at TCB-Law, we have one more concern: to speak clearly and openly to you. We understand how important it is for you to know what your rights are.


Criminal Law

A criminal record is a serious matter that can have an impact on your future, whether you are a suspect or an injured person or just a witness.

Criminal law affects your image, your freedom and even your financial position. Qualified representation can mean the difference between prison and freedom, between financial security and bankruptcy. We are with you all the way.

We believe it is important to know your rights and to know that you can contact your lawyer at any time, as your discussions with him are strictly confidential by law.


The rules that apply to professionals, entrepreneurs and investors are simply called commercial law. Our team has experience handling complex situations, each unique in its own way.

With extensive M&A activity, we provide assistance across a broad spectrum of industries and geographies, including a full range of cross-border transactions.

Therefore, we maintain long-standing relationships with the companies that request our services, which provides a constant and detailed knowledge of the legal situations they face on a day-to-day basis.


We offer consultancy and representation in disputes regarding the application of civil law, such as: legal assistance in the negotiation of real estate transactions; legal assistance regarding the conclusion, execution, modification, termination of contracts of: sale-purchase, exchange, supply, rental, joint venture, joint venture, mandate, loan, maintenance, life annuity, etc.

We draft and support civil actions before the courts in any procedural phase, as well as in the execution of the decisions pronounced by the courts.

Administrative & Labor

Even when your company has a qualified HR department, there are times when you need outside legal advice.

Also, managing relations with state institutions may often require specialized legal assistance.

The extremely complex and volatile legislation in the field of labor law and administrative law often creates challenges for even the most experienced managers or employers.

Correct advice can ensure compliance of your business with the latest legislative changes in the field.

Andrei Trifan

Andrei Trifan is a lawyer in the Cluj Bar and a graduate of the faculties of Law, Theology and Geography, being the founding lawyer of the law firm TCB-LAW (Trifan, Cuibuș, Bălan – LAW).
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Cristina Cuibuș

With over 23 years of experience in the legal profession, Cristina Cuibus has specialized in the field of civil law, labor law, administrative litigation and family law, also having extensive experience in business criminal law
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Stefan Balan

Ștefan Bălan

Ștefan Bălan is a lawyer in the Cluj Bar, with experience in litigation and legal advice, being a founding lawyer of the law firm TCB-LAW (Trifan, Cuibuș, Bălan – LAW).
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Andreea Petrean

Andreea Petrean

Andreea Petrean is our G.D.P.R. consultant with extensive experience in implementing new national and European data protection rules.
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Andrei-Călin Moldovan

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Ioana-Maria Șipoș

Ioana-Maria Șipoș

Șipoș Ioana-Maria is one of our G.D.P.R. consultants, with extensive experience in implementing new national and European data protection rules.
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Domnica Tomăscu

Associate Lawyer
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Alex-Oliviu Varga

Alex-Oliviu Varga is a lawyer at the Cluj Bar, a collaborator at the SCA Trifan, Cuibus, Bălan starting in 2023. He is a graduate of 3 faculties, namely the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of European Studies of Babeș – Bolyai University and the Faculty of Greek Theology – Catholic ...
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